Furniture that can’t be missing in your restaurant

We have a restaurant, we already have the essentials. Decoration, music, a good design, menu and even workers, but why not give hospitality furniture the importance it deserves? Undoubtedly, it is the place that your customers will use the most, but they all have different tastes, you do not want to lose any of them by not offering them variety or the dynamism they expect when they come to your restaurant. This is the last thing we want to happen. On the contrary, you need your business to grow more and more. That’s why today we are going to give you some recommendations of necessary furniture for restaurants. This is the only way to make your establishment fashionable and a place where many people want to be.

Aspects to take into account when choosing the necessary furniture for restaurants


To choose the right tables in your restaurant you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Where you would like to be and under what conditions is something you should think carefully about. This is where part of the choice of furniture lies, as well as the following factors:


Regarding this aspect, nobody likes to be in a place where nothing makes sense, where the colors look like a rainbow rain and the decoration gives you headaches. That includes the tables, since they are the backbone of your restaurant.


It seems unbelievable, but the diversity of forms allows the customer to choose where he wants to be. For you it may seem unimportant, but for the customer it is vital, some have certain types of rejection towards round shapes, others towards square tables and others towards rectangular ones. Some even go so far as to not want to sit at tables but at the bar.


The height of the furniture should also be considered. Some customers may prefer to sit on very low chairs, while others may prefer to sit on stools. Obviously this will depend on the tables you have to offer, but as we have mentioned from the beginning, the more possibilities you provide the customer to sit, the better the service will be and the reciprocity from the customer will be even more positive.

6 must-have furnishings for your new restaurant

Below, we will introduce you to the furniture you should have in your restaurant to have a happy clientele.

Tables for 4 people

Boston Table

It is the standard size of
tables for restaurants
It has an average size of 70×70 cm. Comfortable and useful for an average family, usually built in wood, it will be a smart choice.

Tables for 6 diners

Industrial high table

Although 4-seater tables are perfect for many restaurants, some families are much larger and their predecessor would not be sufficient. It is considered an ideal table for large families, which can be easily occupied by couples with children and friends, to spend a pleasant evening in your restaurant. Regarding its manufacture, it is identical to the table for 4, with the only difference being its size.


Vintage Natural Bench

Departing from the common patterns of
restaurant chairs, some have opted for
some have opted for the use of
restaurant benches.
. They are becoming increasingly popular, are much more versatile than chairs for some venues and blend perfectly with many decorating styles.


Atenea stool.

Some customers are not fond of duo tables, and even less so for family meals, so their special place is always at the bar. There’s nothing better than sitting in front of the bar on one of the bar stools.
available. They are also perfectly suited to minimalist designs.

High table


high tables
are ideal for small spaces, they offer endless possibilities of use. It is mainly used in bars and restaurants that want to go out of the ordinary, perfect for informal meals with the family or in large quantities.

Brooklyn Chairs

Brooklyn Chair

Brooklyn chair
is trending in industrial style restaurants in 2020, it carries a traditional vintage style. It is a very good choice to bring variety to your store.

Now that you know all the furniture needed for restaurants, you will need to contact a restaurant furniture
furniture manufacturer
that can provide it for you. At Fiaka we are expert manufacturers of furniture for the hospitality industry. Contact us and we will offer you the best advice for you to choose the furniture for your restaurant in an intelligent way. Give your customers a great experience with furniture that makes their visit the highlight of their day.