Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

Have you had to organize an event and you don’t know how to decorate it? Here are 7 fantastic ideas to help you carry out that project you have in mind.

Decoration is an essential element when creating a singular event or ceremony, whether it is a wedding, baptism, baby shower, communion or birthday among others. In today’s post, we have made a compilation of 7 very fashionable trends that can be applied to any type of event. These trends are versatile, that is, they can be incorporated into any type of event and adapted according to the chosen theme.

7 Event Decoration Ideas

Giant Letters

One of the biggest trends in event decoration is decorative giant letters.

They began to be incorporated into the decoration of events a few years ago and without a doubt, they are here to stay. They come in many materials, sizes and styles, and some even include lighting.

Event decoration - Giant letters

Decorative letters always look great, are very decorative and add value to any environment. They work as an eye-catcher and even guests will want to have their picture taken with them.

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

Original Balloons

Decorating events with balloons is a big trend nowadays because they are cheap and very decorative.

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

Balloons have typically been used to decorate children’s parties, but nowadays they are included as decorative elements in a multitude of events. Nowadays we can find balloons in a great variety of shapes, colors, sizes… There are balloons for all tastes and budgets!

One of the biggest trends for decorating events in is the realization of balloon arches.

Event Decoration - Decorative Balloons

Besides looking fantastic, making them is quite easy… You basically need balloons of different colors and styles to make them.

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019


For the arched shape structure, a wire fishing net or a wire thread is used, which makes it possible to keep it the way you want it. Although at first glance it may seem a rather difficult and laborious craft, the truth is that it is quite simple. All you need is a little imagination and patience.

Remember that there are biodegradable balloons made of 100% latex that decompose when exposed to the elements. Another alternative to balloons are paper lanterns, which are also biodegradable and more environmentally friendly.

Furniture adapted to the decorative style

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

Photo: Tu Decoración Original

Another big trend is to choose furniture for furniture for events that adapts to the decorative style or theme we have chosen.

For example, if we have decided to hold an event in a classic style, the vintage
vintage or retro
or retro furniture is ideal. For example, we can include a classic sofa, chester type, with capitoné upholstery or pieces of furniture inspired by the 70’s to add value to the decoration.

Event Decoration - Customized Furniture
Vintage Capitoné Sofa for Event Decoration

If a more exotic, rustic or bohemian style is chosen, the ideal is to choose furniture made of wood or fibers such as rattan or bamboo.

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

Include pieces of
industrial furniture
pallet furniture
is always a great way to give a different touch to your event and create unique atmospheres.

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

Personalized Cakes and Sweets

If there is one element that should not be missing in an event, it is the decorated candy tables.

Event Decoration - candy table

These tables are one of the main protagonists of the events, sometimes becoming authentic works of art.

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

Elements of Nature

Another bet for event decoration is to include natural elements such as plants and flowers, wooden structures, stone, etc.

Event Decoration - Natural Elements

Various types of Lighting Objects

Lighting is a very important factor in the decoration of an event, as it brings warmth and harmony to the atmosphere.

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

The trend is to include various types of warm lighting, such as garlands of lights, candles and candelabras strategically distributed throughout the space occupied by the event.

Event Decoration - Lighting

Photocall and Backdrops

Photocalls and Backdrops are another big trend at events.

Event Decoration: 7 Hot Trends for 2019

They are small stages that are decorated according to the theme of the party, usually including an upholstered partition with an element that represents the theme of the event and filling the small space with furniture and ornamental details.

Event Decoration - Photocall

In fact, it is very rare to attend an event nowadays, be it a wedding, christening or birthday without one of these elements. They are undoubtedly the perfect setting to capture the best photographs and provide entertainment and fun for the guests.

We hope our ideas will help you decorate your celebration like an expert. With all of them you will achieve a decoration that will be visually very attractive and you will invest very little time in shaping it. Surely from now on there will be no celebration that you can’t resist.