Digital Printing, Personalization without Limit

We love to make products to your needsWe are always looking for new techniques and solutions to meet all your needs, that’s why we are always looking for new techniques and solutions to your requests.

The search for total personalization is becoming increasingly clear in the orders we receive and we are currently starting to work with the technique of digital textile printing. digital textile printingwhich achieves completely original pieces with a high quality finish.

nantes heineken
Customized Nantes Sofa for Heineken –

With digital printing we get a new universe of possibilities when it comes to customization, finally achieving large prints or gradients that we could not achieve before with screen printing or embroidery. As well as a myriad of colors that we did not have access to before.

Feixenet Ice Cushion -
Personalized cushion for Feixenet Ice –

For the perfect realization of this technique we need a great previous study of the project to be carried out, but as we have already commented and made clear on other occasions, we love challenges, and above all, that our pieces perfectly meet the expectations of our customers.

Personalized Puff – Coca Cola

Now it’s up to you, what idea do you want us to implement? How can we personalize your sofas in an original way?
… or any other piece that you propose us to manufacture?