Decoration of hotel rooms : Keys that make the difference

The decoration of hotel rooms is a meticulous process, because we must try to make this place become a place with unique charm.

In today’s post, we give tips that can be very interesting for people who have a hotel or hostel and are looking to give it a professional touch. However, many of these tips can also be applied in the rooms of a house, for example, in the guest room.

It has happened to us many times: we have fallen in love with the room of a hotel we have stayed in.

The decoration in this type of room is essential to attract customers and, above all, to keep them coming back.

We must pursue elegance, in addition to creating a welcoming and practical space, with comfort above all else. In this article we give you a series of tips that can be very effective to achieve an ideal decoration.

Hotel Room Decoration Tips

Define our Guest Target

Before starting to decorate hotel rooms, we must define what type of clientele is most common, as well as the place where it is located.

Obviously, we will not decorate a room for a youth hostel in the same way as one where, above all, families or couples are going to stay.

Therefore, before deciding on one style or another, we will think about our target guests.

In addition, it can be a great idea to add a certain touch of the city or the place where the hotel is located.

Space and Luminosity

One of the keys when decorating a hotel room is to provide spaciousness and brightness. It is therefore advisable to use light colors on the walls as well as in the furniture and textiles.

Hotel rooms - Ideas that inspire
Light colors provide spaciousness and brightness

Light colors always give a feeling of spaciousness. White is a color that offers multiple possibilities in the decoration of a hotel room. It is a color that gives a sensation of freshness, cleanliness and elegance.

If the room is not very large, it is advisable not to furnish it too much so as not to overload the room. Remember, in decoration less is more.

Of course we must play with the lighting to further reinforce the spaciousness.

Touch of Color

Although it is always advisable to include light colors, such as white for the background of the decoration of hotel rooms, we should not overdo it. It is always a good idea to add a touch of color to the room. This touch of color will balance the excess of coldness and the boredom of white or beige tones.

For example, in hotels located on the beach, including a good mix of blues and whites well matched, with furniture that follows the harmony on the terrace, will undoubtedly be a good bet.

Escape from convention

If you are looking for a room to convey something special, you should avoid the typical furniture and decorative elements and be more creative. You will have to innovate and give a personal and exclusive touch to the decoration of the hotel room.

The secret is to leave a mark on the decoration.


The decoration of hotel rooms must be balanced, that is to say, have harmony. For example, look for elements such as curtains, bedspreads or additional armchairs that are in harmony with each other. Otherwise, the final effect may generate a rejection in our customers.

Hotel rooms - Decoration ideas
Balanced decoration

What we should look for is that the room becomes a special place, a place that has been pampered in detail for your well-being.

Comfort and functionality

Of course you have to look for the comfort of your customers, and for that, you should never skimp on the quality of the mattress of the bed. It will be of no use the efforts to create a very striking decoration, if one of the key elements such as rest, is diminished by the quality of the mattress.

In addition, both the decorative elements as well as the furniture for hotel rooms must be functional. must be functional. It includes all the accessories that may be useful for travelers: whether they are only staying for one night or for longer stays.

Hotel Rooms - Tips for decorating them
Functional room, well equipped

Make it easy for your guests to find everything they might need.

For example, you can include various forms of lighting, accessories and furniture to store and organize their objects, accessible sockets, sofas, armchairs or table lamps.

Including small details are always appreciated as a kettle and tea bags or infusions, mirrors, various types of pillows and cushions, an adjustable system of blinds and curtains so that they can regulate the amount of light entering the room ….

Details in the rooms

As we have said, details always make the difference and always remember your hotel. There is nothing simpler and more effective than small details that surprise your customers and make them feel pampered.

Hotel Rooms - Decoration Ideas
Small details always make a difference

These are some ideal details for hotel room decoration:

Useful cards

It is not a question of filling the rooms with advertising brochures, but of personalized cards, with special designs, graphics and drawings. Place them, for example, under the pillow, on the doorknob or on the table.

Also include useful cards with important phone numbers, Wi-fi password, schedules, places of interest…. You can also include a collection of 3 or 4 books, interesting magazines, etc.


Another detail that never fails are small baskets with basic things, but out of the conventional (the typical gel, shampoo, etc). For example, small chocolates or bags of candy, wipes, a box of mineral salts… the alternatives are numerous. These are details that are not expensive and that customers will certainly appreciate.

Cafeteria services

As we have mentioned, it is always a great idea to include in the decoration elements such as a coffee maker or kettle, some bags of sugar, cups and teas so that the client or guest does not have to leave the room if they do not feel like it.

Hotel Rooms - Decoration Ideas
Cafeteria services are always appreciated

Welcoming your customers with a welcome drink such as a cold bottle of water or a freshly squeezed juice can be a great idea to linger in the minds of travelers.

A romantic touch

Last, but not least, is to bring that romantic touch in the decoration of hotel rooms that may be intended for couples.

We can choose to include candles or make the typical beautiful shapes with towels (in the shape of swans or flowers) and flower petals. However, originality should always prevail, so it is always better to be creative and look for different details. This way you will surprise them!

I hope the information in this post will help you.

Remember that if you need personalized advice, in Fiaka you have at your disposal the best professionals ready to advise you on everything you need in interior decoration and corporate furniture.