Decorating the Internet with Delikatissen

We have started a new section in our blog called ‘Decorating the Internet’. With this initiative, which we undertake with great enthusiasm, we intend to share pleasant moments with interior designers, decobloggers, architects, etc.. that daily inspire us on the network with their ideas about decoration. We will publish once a month, with this idea in mind, personal interviews in which we will put a face and get to know these wizards and interior design enthusiasts better. The section will allow us, at the same time, to delve into the different decorative styles and trends guided by those people who dedicate their time to fill houses with warmth, originality, creativity, balance, relaxation… to transform them into a home.

Kati Sardiña, author of Delikatissen.
Kati Sardiña, author of Delikatissen.

We are pleased to start ‘Decorando internet’, which we will talk about on Twitter using the hashtag #decobloggers, with Kati Sardiña, author of the blog Delikatissen, which specializes in Nordic decoration and design, mainly.

-What is your background in the world of interior design and decoration?
Actually, for me interior design and decoration are just a hobby. Many people think I am an architect or interior designer and ask me for advice for a renovation or to furnish their house, but I can only advise what my common sense and personal taste tell me, because I lack the technical side of the profession. It is true that over the years my knowledge has increased, but I am 100% self-taught.

My interest in the world of decoration and design began to awaken when I lived in Denmark. Design is everywhere there, you just have to pay attention to it. I fell so much in love with the Nordic style and missed it so much when I returned to Spain, that since then I try to convince everyone of its virtues.

-How did Delikatissen come about?
The blog was originally created as a storage place. My goal was to gather in a single space what I found on the net about Nordic decoration and design especially. Over time the blog has become much more important and is no longer just a place to store files. Delikatissen is now a group of friends who share a hobby and I am delighted with this turn of events.

Image from Kati Sardiña's blog, Delikatissen
Image from Kati Sardiña’s blog, Delikatissen

-In your website you show Nordic style trends, what do you like the most about this type of decoration?
When talking about Nordic design, furniture and accessories, the simplicity and plainness of the shapes, the treatment of materials, especially wood, the practicality of the pieces, the colors… although I think what I like the most is that it is a style that survives passing fashions and avoids stridency.

-White, the quintessential chill out color and one of our favorites, predominates in many of the wonderful penthouses, lofts and apartments you show. What does this color inspire you?
Cleanliness, order, spaciousness, freshness, summer… depending on the season of the year it makes me feel some things or others, but always cleanliness and order, no other color achieves that by itself. I’m not a neat freak, but for me it’s an impossible mission to perform a task in a dirty and cluttered space, it stresses me out.

Kati sweetens the weekends by welcoming you to her blog with a dessert every Friday.

-As you know we are passionate about chill out, what would you highlight about this style?
In its whiter and more minimalist version, which is the one I like the most, I would highlight the modernity it reflects. I think it is one of the styles that, together with the Nordic style, best reflects what people are really looking for when they get home after a hard day’s work and stress in the city: to relax and enjoy a quiet space where they can finally rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Mini Apple Galette
Recipe for Mini Apple Galette in Delikatissen.

-We have discovered that interior design can work magic with small spaces thanks to Delikatissen, what brief advice would you give to someone facing the decoration of a small apartment?
Being realistic with the space available is essential, do not try to put the entire catalog of a furniture store in a shoebox :O I think it is important not to accumulate things at home, (find a storage room for what is not used daily or not having those things), decorate with the strictly necessary furniture and choose them multifunction for a total use of space, avoid dark colors in both walls and furniture, choose pieces that give us extra storage space … Keep in mind the maxim ‘less is more’, that’s my best advice.

-What are your future projects?
With respect to interior design and decoration, I will continue to learn the thousands of things I don’t know and get to know a little more about the fantastic work and designs of so many talented people around us and, if time and energy permit, I will continue to tell it on the blog 😉

Penthouse with open-plan living room, kitchen and dining room
Image of one of the fantastic penthouses shown by Kati in her blog.