Decorating the internet with @Carol_y_na

We enter the fall with a new installment of ‘Decorating the Internet’, a section of personal interviews that we premiered in October with @Delikatissen. As we already told you, with this exciting initiative we intend to share pleasant moments with interior designers, decobloggers, architects, etc. who daily inspire us on the network with their ideas about decoration and design.

On this occasion we have the pleasure of sharing a pleasant decorative interview with the interior designer Carolina Sánchez (@Carol_y_na on Twitter), author of the blog Comodoos Interiores. Always optimistic, cheerful and eager for new challenges, Carol talks to us about her career, projects, this year’s trends and our weakness: chill out decoration.

Carolina Sanchez, interior designer and author of the blog Comodoos Interiores
Carolina Sanchez, interior designer and author of the blog Comodoos Interiores

-What is your trajectory in the world of interior design?
-I have been working in the world of interior design for more than 7 years. I was privileged. Two months after finishing my degree, I was already working in one of the architecture studios in Valladolid. Although I’ve been a bit of a restless ass and kept looking for more and more knowledge, working for franchises nationwide, for reforms… I’ve been able to touch all areas. hahahah. Little by little I am making my way and, undoubtedly, I still have a long way to go and a lot of war to fight.

-What would you highlight in your work as an interior designer? When you approach a new project, what do you prioritize: utility, aesthetics, personality, a combination of everything?
-Highlighting? mmmm… I don’t know, maybe I’m one of those interior designers who want to bring that personal touch and, very much in line with the trends of the moment, I try to surprise my clients. I always try -both in the projects I have tackled and those I will tackle- to give a different touch, while complying with the functional. I am constantly looking for the difference from the rest.

Decorating the internet with @Carol_y_na
Image from the Comodoos Interiores blog (@ComodoosInt on Twitter).

-What motivates the creation of the Comodoos Interiores blog?
-It was born out of the desire to tell, to open more paths and to continue learning. I am one of those who gets into a thousand battles and this new adventure combined the challenge of seeing something grow little by little and making myself known.

-Your blog is very eclectic, as you usually show different styles of decoration. Which one, however, inspires you the most?
-Yes, it’s true that in the blog I try to tell a little bit of all styles. You have to be up to date with all the trends, although the style I like the most is modern, functional, warm and Nordic (at least, that’s how I have my current ‘nest’). It is true that the minimalist also attracts me and, the day I have my palace, I will mold it to my style, but I do not know if I would define it as Nordic …. as I love to intersperse vintage pieces, eclectic, Kich … that is where the personal style lies.

Decorating the internet with @Carol_y_na

-Apart from wonderful lofts and apartments, trends or styles, in Comodoos Interiors we can see creative workspaces, restaurants, etc. What trends would you highlight in the decoration of premises this fall?
-I think that this fall what is most popular is the mix of vintage pieces and great classics from the past. It updates what was once ‘de-mode’ and now allows us to create more bohemian industrial and stylish spaces. Interiors with a certain industrial air are taken up again and we open the way towards a more Nordic interior design. Decorating the internet with @Carol_y_na

-As you know, we are passionate about chill out. In what type of spaces do you think this style of decoration fits best and which of its characteristics would you highlight?
-Undoubtedly, in any interior we must have our small chill out space. In the bedroom, in a corner of the living room or one of the rooms that we always destined for guests who never come….jajajjaj. From my point of view, the main characteristics of this style are? comfort and light. Locate a chill out space in a place with lots of light and contact with the outside, if possible. With boho pieces and some natural elements, rattan, plants and textiles.

-What challenges do you face next?
-I’m currently working in a hotel… (fingers crossed that the client is happy with the Pilot Room). And next challenges… to continue growing professionally, working hard and doing everything I am passionate about. In the ‘Wish work’s’ folder I have many many projects in mind, but they say that dreams… it is better not to tell them (for the moment) because if they are not fulfilled…. hahaha