Decorate your home for Halloween

Halloween is approaching and more and more Spanish households are deciding to join the Celtic holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. This night, All Hallows’ Eve, is especially celebrated with all kinds of costumes and spooky make-up. But it is also important to play with the decorations to create a sinister atmosphere in keeping with the aesthetics of this party. At this time of the year, many blogs bring you thousands of ideas and DIY tutorials to create fun decorations for your home. At
we have decided to make a different post for this Halloween. To make your home look special and stylish we bring you a selection of furniture specially designed for the night of the witches.


1. Spider armchair

Spider Armchair - Via Pinterest

2. Skull cushion

Calavera Cushion - Via Pinterest

3. Pumpkin Puff

Pumpkin Puff - Via

4. Murcielago lamp

Bat Lighting - Via Pinterest

5. Comfortable skull

Calavera Chest of Drawers - Via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest


6. Skull chair

Calavera Chair - Via likecool

7. Skeleton table

Skeleton Table -

8. Coffin shelf

Ataud Shelving - Via Pinterest