Decorate an original low cost Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. Soon festive decorations and lighting will fill streets and shop windows. Interior design will also soon open its doors to the characteristic details of this holiday season. It doesn’t hurt to jot down ideas for decorating your home, office or business to bring a festive atmosphere to your home, office or business. To achieve this, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, although at first sight it may seem impossible. All that is required is a little imagination to achieve that originality that makes the difference. These five tips will help you decorate a low cost Christmas that stands out for great results at a low price. Who said that savings are incompatible with originality?

1. Design your DIY Christmas tree

We already showed you
20 original DIY Christmas trees
that envy nothing to the beautiful film firs and not to mention the typical plastic trees. Imagination can work miracles. Opting for a self-made Christmas tree not only saves a few bucks. It also makes it possible to bet on a decoration with character marked by its creativity.

diy christmas tree
DIY Christmas tree. Via My Fancy House
low cost christmas decoration
Christmas tree with cardboard rolls. Via Martha Stewart

2. Dress up your furniture for Christmas

Dressing up your furniture for Christmas is not difficult. For this purpose, you can cover your pouffes and cushions with Christmas motifs; place some garland on the furniture or make a DIY table runner or rug that evokes Christmas, among many other ideas. This way, you will give a Christmas look to your furniture without spending a lot of money.

puff pear
Puff pear turned into a Santa Claus sack

3. DIY details, ornaments & accessories

You don’t need to spend a lot to give your home a Christmas look. With recycled materials you can create an infinite number of DIY (Do It yourself) decorations for home decoration at Christmas. Old cans, empty bottles, branches or dried pine cones can be turned into beautiful garlands, table centerpieces … among many other handmade details with which, in addition to a respite to the pocket is achieved to print a very personal touch to the Christmas decoration. So before throwing anything in the trash, think about whether it can be reused to create a beautiful ornament. Once you have found the right materials, all you need is a little skill and imagination.

low cost christmas decoration
Via Shabby Me
low cost christmas decoration
Via My Leitmotiv
low cost christmas decoration
Via The Wenglish home

4. Candles and led lights

The characteristic illuminated Christmas lights and garlands have a downside for the pocket and the environment: their excessive expense. To avoid this unnecessary cost, they can be replaced by energy-saving LED lights that save up to 50% and “stand out for offering similar features to those of other lighting technologies but with minimal energy consumption,” according to the technicians of Reparalia in the ABC newspaper.

low cost christmas decoration
Via Planete deco

Soft candle lights also help to create Christmas ambiance. In fact, there are plenty of ideas to design beautiful DIY Christmas details based on candles, a must-have ornament for Christmas.

low cost christmas decoration
Via Planet deco

5. Make gifts part of the decoration

Make gifts by the tree part of the decorations. To help you in this aspect, do not forget to go through our Christmas offers section, where you will find original puff to give this holiday season, among these, giant puff cushions, an ideal gift for the couple; puff of different sizes, depending on the hobbies; or our original children’s puff, made for the little kings of the house to enjoy the rest.

christmas decoration
Giant pouf cushion Fiaka Ambient
low cost christmas decoration
Puff Cushion Fiaka