Darts Award to Fiaka Ambient

A week ago we received a big surprise: our colleagues at Estudio y Diseño, to whom we are very fond of, had awarded us the Dardos Award. As they themselves explain, although the origin of this award is unclear, it has an inestimable value, as it is awarded among bloggers and fellow adventurers -in this particular case decobloggers who share our passion for interior design, decoration and architecture.Darts Award to Fiaka Ambient

The Darts Award intends to reinforce, therefore, the bonds that unite us in the (deco) blogosphere by recognizing the chosen blogs for their merit in “transmitting cultural, ethical, literary, personal, etc… values, which in short, demonstrate their creativity through their living thought that is and remains innate in their letters…”.

Having said that, we would like to thank Estudio y Diseño, whose blog we recommend you to follow, for thinking of us when awarding this prize. We take their baton and follow the rules of this award, which are as follows:

1.- If you accept the prize you must show your image in the blog.
2.- Mention and link to the blog that gave the award.
3.- Choose 15 blogs to be awarded the prize for the values it represents.

Our fifteen chosen are as follows:

Comfortable Interiors



Vintage White

Furniture Guide

Decoration Accessories

Decor & Me

The Muse

Design Delight

Minimalist Interiors



Mes Caprices Belges

Deco Space

You paint a lot

We have taken the liberty of including portals, in addition to blogs, for their value in sharing content. However, we have left many other blogs and websites behind (we imagine that all of you will have missed them) whose contents also accompany us daily and we love them.