Colors to decorate a hotel in the right way

Color is a fundamental tool to create certain feelings and stimulating emotions in our brain. It is important that the hotel décor is not only fashionable, but that the color scheme creates the ambiance your guests need. But do you know which color combination is the best fit for your store? We show you some color combinations to decorate a hotel that we have been compiling thanks to the experience acquired with our clients.

Color psychology applied to hotel room decoration

Calm and relaxation – Blue and green

Both green and blue are two very positive colors. Green is the most calming color to the human eye, promoting feelings of relaxation, tranquility and harmony. The color blue reflects confidence and honesty, generating calm, relaxation, and is even said to help combat stress.

Decorating with green
or blue, in its lighter shades, can be the perfect choice for hotels where SPA services are offered or spas where customers are looking to relax and forget about the daily routine. Similarly, relaxation is one of the main objectives of most guests when staying in a hotel, so the scheme would work equally well in any area of the hotel, creating a safe and calm atmosphere in which they can relax.

Bright and Relaxing – Yellow and Blue


The combination of yellow and blue generates positivity. Yellow is the color of sunshine, joy and happiness, together with the calm and soothing influence of blue, it becomes a perfect color combination for a serene, calm and cheerful atmosphere. A wonderful scheme to choose for the reception area, where customers can sit and enjoy a good book, browse the newspaper, check emails or surf the internet. Place
furniture for hotels,
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where your guests can relax and you’ll have a lot to gain.

Pale and interesting – neutrals never go out of style


Gray tones appear frequently in many color palettes. Gray is considered a solid and reliable color that creates a sense of calm and composure, a little break from the hectic world we live in. Gray works very well as a stabilizer for other colors, so it can often be seen paired with bolder colors without overpowering the overall mood.

Strong and eye-catching – Black and Yellow


Although there are many color combinations for decorating a hotel that favor the tranquility and calm that many guests are looking for, there is also a place for colors such as black and yellow. This rich and sumptuous combination is perfect for creating a strong sense of contrast both indoors and outdoors.

Black is associated with power, elegance and prestige, and yellow creates a compelling combination. Yellow shares positive connotations and generates feelings of warmth and joy in the brain. If you are looking for colors that add a touch of cheerfulness when combined with black, you already know, don’t forget about yellow.

Clean and serene – Blue and white

Colors to decorate a hotel in the right way

Blue is a symbol of harmony and freshness, while white is considered the color of perfection and is associated with purity and cleanliness. But white is not only white, there are a wide range of shades that can be used to reinforce or enhance the personality of the chosen blue color.

Together with a strong bright blue, the impressive contrast generated by the white creates a clean and striking look. With a light blue, although the contrast is less obvious, the combination is just as attractive, producing a pure and relaxing ambiance.

Pink – Coral Pink


Coral tones inspire warm and comforting feelings, coral pink is a sure hit for this 2020. Traditionally the color pink calms, soothes and promotes compassion, warmth and hope.

Pink is the color of choice for decorating certain rooms in many hotels due to its calming effect. Who wouldn’t feel relaxed in an environment decorated with coral or pink tones?

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