Best colors for decorating a hotel room

Today we present you several proposals and color ideas for hotel rooms according to current trends in decoration. It is likely that you will like some more than others, but what we really intend with this article is that you take note of what colors can best suit the decor of your room. If it is a new hotel, great. You will be able to copy our ideas from top to bottom and implement them in the decoration of the rooms. If what you want is to give a color change to the rooms without changing the furniture, this article is also for you. Take a pen and paper and write down our tips. Let’s get started!

Colors to decorate a hotel room



Blue is a favorite color of many interior designers for guest rooms. This is one of the reasons why it is the most used for room decoration, although it is not the only one.

This is a color that will make your guests feel relaxed, since it is one of the most calming colors of all.

Blue is often associated with calm and peace. Most guests like their room to feel light, airy and calm, which makes light blues the most popular. However, navy blue is a subtle color that can evoke a sense of stability and security. In many designs, different shades of blue are used to add a touch of color without drawing too much attention.

The different combinations of blue go perfectly with neutral tones such as beige or white, as well as with gold or yellow. Four colors that, when put together, make a very good team in any room.

When it comes to combining them, it is common to paint the headboard of the bed in dark blue together with a golden mirror. This will create a spectacular color contrast in the room.

For textiles, you can opt for white or gray, two colors that never fail.

Add gold or yellow accessories around the room that match the furnishings.



These two colors are bold and bright and are associated with energy and enthusiasm. Depending on the shade used, they can evoke the feeling of nature, inspired by the colors of autumn.

In a more modern scheme, vivid shades of red or orange are used to create that sense of energy. However, in more traditional settings, you will find deeper, richer shades of red. Because these shades are so energetic, they are often used as accents in rooms. The hotel’s brand identity, target audience and lighting conditions will influence the shade of color used.



Green represents growth, energy, nature and stability. That is why hotel rooms painted in shades of green have a clear source of inspiration: nature. And what better than nature to convey that feeling of relaxation?

Green is a color belonging to the range of cold colors, along with blue or violet that can be used in all designs, but it is the preferred color of the natural and organic.

When using it to paint a room, it is necessary to know in advance with which colors to combine it. Depending on the shade of green used for the room, it may combine better with some colors than others. If we use a dark shade of green, the best option is to mix it with gray or white tones. In a more modern design aesthetic, its brighter greens will evoke an exciting energy. In more nature-inspired designs, mid- to deep-toned greens bring a sense of calm and stability.

If the furniture in your hotel is made of wood, you have already won a lot. This combination of brown wood with dark green and gray will make your guests love to stay in one of your rooms.

For textiles such as bedding, cushions or curtains it is also advisable to use light tones such as gray to give a strong contrast.

There are many different shades of green, such as blue-green, blue-green and green gold.



Are you one of those who believe that yellow has no place in interior decoration? Wrong!

There are thousands of ways to make yellow stand out in your hotel room. Perhaps its main use is not to paint the walls of an entire room, but it works perfectly to give color to the wall of the headboard or decorate with textiles the sofa for the bedroom.
sofa for the bedroom.
. If you have
hotel room furniture in white or black
white or black, yellow can be an ideal color to mix it with.

Black furniture with touches of yellow will make the room a modern space with a strong contrast that your guests will love.

Use yellow in cushions, textiles or accessories, but don’t go too crazy with it. Although it is a good color for a bedroom, you should use it sparingly so you don’t end up getting tired of it too soon.

Yellow is often associated with happiness and optimism, as it is the most vibrant of the warm colors. Like its counterparts, red and orange, yellow can be used in moderation to brighten a room without overpowering the other colors. As an accent in the paintings, in the lighting finish or in the cushions, yellow will bring life to the room without overloading it.



Brown is the rustic color par excellence. This color will make your customers feel as if they were in the middle of nature. This is why many people feel very comfortable in rooms decorated with brown.

The main problem with this color is that it is difficult to combine with any color other than white. Although, to tell the truth, it depends on the shade we choose.

Lighter shades of brown are best combined with a wider variety of colors, such as gray or some very light shades of yellow, blue or gold.

You can use white and gold for both the bedding and the different accessories you choose to create a nice contrast.



Gray is the neutral color par excellence. It is a color that will hardly go out of fashion and is widely used in hotel decoration due to the elegance it conveys.

Gray is a color that combines very well with all the materials that are normally used for the manufacture of furniture. Wood, metal or aluminum, there is no material that does not pair well with an elegant shade of gray.

Gray is a color that adapts to virtually any color you choose to dress the bed. Whether you opt for warm, cool or neutral colored textiles, you’ll get them to look good.

Rosa Palo


Pale pink tones are very fashionable these last years, and they have managed to be so because they transmit a lot of tranquility, even though it is not a particularly relaxing color in itself.

Pale pink creates a soft and pleasant atmosphere in any room that makes it virtually impossible not to feel at home.

It is a color that combines perfectly with neutral tones such as beige or light gray, two other colors that, mixed with pink, transmit an unparalleled feeling of relaxation.

Attractive color combinations for hotels

Navy blue – red – white

A combination of navy blue with white for a crisp, clean look without a cluttered feel. Red is there as a base color to balance the white, as well as to invoke feelings of stability. All these colors together make it a timeless color palette that can be used for hotel wall decor.

Navy blue – Beige – Red Orange – Gold

The beige and brown colors together convey the idea of confidence and energy.

Gray – Gold – Light blue

Your guests’ eyes will be drawn to the cool, soothing grays, which balance the cheerful yellow touches of gold and the light, soothing blues. This color combination helps your guests relax, so it can be a popular choice.

These are some of the colors for hotel rooms that we at Fiaka would like to recommend. Which combination do you like best? What would you say is ideal when it comes to decorating a hotel room? We read you!