Balinese Bed

Balinese Bed - Nautic (Leatherette) White No White cushion
  • Balinese Bed - Nautic (Leatherette) White No White cushion
Designed and manufactured in Granada, Spain by Fiaka

Balinese Bed with wooden canopy and floating base for outdoors. Measurements: 200x200x200 cm. Optional: curtains and cushions.

When we hear the word "Balinese bed" we can inevitably stop imagining ourselves placidly lain on one of them, with a good book on the hands, sunbathing, listening to music, having a chat or simply resting..

The Balinese bed is the relax and comfort queen. It's a piece which can't miss in our terrace, swimming pool or garden , since it's ideal for creating an exotic 'chill out' environmemt and enjoying in family or with friends. 

Being handicraft products the product measures may vary slightly.

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Curtains + Roof
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Balinese Bed with Canopy Featuresl

Wooden structure:

  • Structure in pine or fir wood treated for outdoors with transparent water-based varnish 'lassure' type with UV protectors
  • Open-pored finish, breathable to water steam (it regulates the wood humidity and eases the water steam output from the inside).
  • It doesn't get cracked and withstands the climate changes.
  • It requires assembly (it includes instructions and the necessary screws).


  • Mattress of foam rubber (25 kg.), upholstered with nautical synthetic leather for outdoors, very resistant, very easy cleaning, fireproof and antimites treatment. .Eligible colour
  • Mattress measurements: 200 x 200 x 10 cm.

2 cushions pack:

  • Upholstered cushions with nautical synthetic leather for outdoors, very resistant, very easy cleaning, fireproof and antimites treatment.
  • Wadding stuffing.
  • Cushion measurements: 80 x 50 x 12 cm. 
  • Eligible colour.

Curtains and roof (Optional):

  • 8 lateral curtains set and custom-made roof.
  • Velcro closure which allows to easily put and remove the curtains.
  • White colour.
  • Composition: 80% Polyester-20% Linen.
  • They are suitable for machine wash.

Balinese bed measurements

  • Width: 200 cm.
  • Depth: 200 cm.
  • Height: 210 cm.
  • Mattress height: 40 cm.

More information about Balinese beds

Guía de compra cama balinesa

Buying Balinese Bed Guide

Visualise yourself, for a moment, lain outdoors, enjoying the breeze, peace and calm that natural spaces (such as the countryside or the beach) give you.

There's nothing better than that rest and relax moment, so necessary to recharge your batteries and release stress. For this reason, in Fiaka, we want you to take a look at our Balinese beds, specially manufactured for promoting the rest. This kind of furniture provides the comfort of a bed but, at the same time, it gives you the calm, freedom and disconnection feelings which are provided by natural spaces such as gardens. It sounds great, don't you think?

What's a Balinese bed?

Cama balinesa en terraza
Cama balinesa en piscina

Camas balinesas en jardín
Camas de jardin


The Balinese bed is an outside bed used as lounger, dedicated to the rest where you breathe a nice and unique feeling of relax.

There are several kinds of Balinese beds, but most of them have a wooden or metallic structure. They have a comfortable mattress which must be upholstered with a special resistant material for outside use. If the Balinese bed has a wooden structure, this must withstand certain weather conditions like, for example, a greater exposition to the sunlight and the beach or swimming pool humidity. Typically, these beds include curtains to be closed in case of wind.

This kind of furniture is very functional for terrace or garden, it adjusts to very different spaces, the beach and the grass which surrounds a swimming pool or even attics or domestic terraces of certain size, providing a sophisticated and incomparable atmosphere.

This furniture is ideal for Chill Out spaces, swimming pools, hotels and relax areas in outdoors. They are perfect for resting and relaxing outdoors in a very contemporary and relaxed atmosphere.

Other remarkable feature of this outside furniture piece is its different possibilities regarding size and functionality. We can find them in many ways: single, double, for groups or with reclining seats, with different configurations inside them.

In Fiaka, you can complete your Balinese Bed with canopy, sheer curtains which provide the privacy that you are looking for in relax moments ,and cushions for getting a sophisticated environment for your terrace or garden.

Our Balinese beds will give an extotic and relaxing touch to your garden or terrace. You'll be able to choose the complements of our wide range for adjusting them to your needs, preferences and project. The outside space of which you have always dreamed, now, it can be yours everyday.

Balinese Beds Models

At the moment of choosing one type or another, you must take into account certain aspects.

The first one is the space where you are going to install it. If it's a space with a non-severe weather where there isn't much humidity or rain and temperarture isn't very extreme, you can choose a Balinese basic bed without roof and curtains (although it's always recommended to put them). Nevertheless,if you are going to install them in a space with a more aggresive weather, with more precipitations and high temperature, it's better to buy Balinese beds with structure and curtains.

Choosing the wooden structure or the metallic one is up to your personal preferences. However, we must make sure that the chosen structure, wood or metal, has a good treatment which makes it suitable for outside environments. The Balinese beds in our web are made of wood,since they give that warm touch to the atmosphere which isn't given by the metallic materials.

There are a lot of types of Balinese beds, but we could differentiate them according to:

The Materials

Balinese Wooden Beds

Cama balinesa de madera

The Balinese traditional beds normally have wooden structure. Their aspect is warmer and they are ideal for all the spaces, decoration styles and, mainly, for the beach.

Balinese Beds with metallic structure (NOT AVAILABLE)

Cama Balinesa de Aluminio Metal

The Balinese metallic beds have a more modern aspect and, sometimes, colder. They are very suitable for decorating environments with a more contemporary touch. 

In Fiaka, we mainly work with the wooden bed. The wood used is steamed beech, suitable for outdoors and very resistant, so it can be used both in the wet spaces decoration, swimming pools or coastal areas, and places where the sun hits.

The size and functionality

The size is other important factor at the moment of choosing one model or another. There are in many sizes: single, double, for groups, etc. There are also beds which have reclining seats and others with fixed seats.

The Balinese standard beds are specially made for one person or two people and, in the most of cases, they work as bed or seat to rest or talk.

The XL beds are more common in the catering industry, terraces, summer pubs and hotels, since they can accommodate many people such as a family or group of friends.

The Design

Balinese Classic Bed

Cama Balinesa Clásica

Nautical leatherette


Nautical leatherette

Nautical upholstery maintains the visual characteristics of the leatherette, but with three great advantages, it is a non-flammable, antibacterial and antifungal fabric. It is the perfect upholstery for public facilities, sanitary and different types of equipment.

For outdoor use

For outdoor use

U.V.A filter

U.V.A filter

Retardant of fire

Retardant of fire



Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Wear resistant

Wear resistant

Anti fungal. Anti bacterial

Anti fungal. Anti bacterial

Nautical leatheretteNautical leatherette fabric guide

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