20 lamps made from recycled materials

We have already spoken on other occasions of the infinite possibilities of recycling materials for furniture and decoration, which is also one of this year’s trends. But if there is one piece of furniture in our repertoire that lends itself to being made from recycled materials, it is lamps. Lamps made with anything, that we find on the many blogs we follow or on our Pinterest (follow us!) and that inspire us. What’s more, they enlighten us! Some designs are impeccable, others elegant, others a pure recycling game.

1. Lamp made with cupcake papers

Recycling lamp made with cupcake papers
via airesdecoracion.com

2. Lamp made with washing machine drums

Lamp made from washing machine drums
via decoesfera.com

3. Lamp made with a book (a bad one, of course).

Recycling lamp
via instructables.com

20 lamps made from recycled materials

4. Lamp made with test tubes

Recycling lamp
via vintageandchicblog.com

5. Lamp made with a can

Recycling lamp
via bystephanielynn.com

6. Lamp made with… brushes. Yes, brushes. New

Recycling lamp
via decoesfera.com

7. Super paper lamp

Paper lamp
via allthingspaper.net

8. With a bottle and an X-ray

recycling lamp
via decoesfera.com

9. Lamps made with toys.

Lamps made with toys
via decopeques.com

10. Ping pong ball lamp

Lamp made with balls
via estiloydeco.com

11. Lamp made with a globe. Sorry, with half

Recycling lamp
via etsy.com

12. Lamp made with plastic spoons

Plastic spoons
via fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net

13. Lamp made with a stick

Recycling lamp
via gardendesign.com

14. Lamp made of plastic boxes

Lamp made with plastic boxes
via lionhug.wordpress.com

15. Lamp made with a basket

Lamp made from a basket
via prydelig.blogspot.com

16. Lace lamp

Lace lamp with globe
via reciepes4donuts.blogspot.com

17. Lamp made with slides

Slide lamp
via recycledcrafts.craftgossip.com

18. Lamp made with plastic bottles

19. Lamp made with coffee sets

20 lamps made from recycled materials
via decoradecora.blogspot.com.es

20. Lamp made with tweezers

Lamp made with tweezers
via estiloydeco.com