10 good ideas for recycling furniture

As we said at the beginning of the year, in the 2012 decorating trends, the recycling of worn furniture or objects that were not born as furniture to be furniture is one of the protagonists. We keep coming across amazing proposals to recover, resurrect and reincarnate all kinds of materials and fixtures in very functional elements that also bring a touch of naturalness and modernity to our homes (and why not, also to our entertainment venues), which sometimes fits perfectly with a chill out decoration.

We will select 10 of these proposals and comment on them, but you can add as many as you want by leaving a comment below.

Table soccer rods
perfect for hanging towels or curtains. Why not? A way to recycle especially recommended for soccer fans, all those who buy a Fiaka Pelota with the colors of their team.

Table soccer table bar recycle furniture

with small elements outside of lighting, like this test tube lamp that we saw in Decoesfera via Vintage and Chic.

Vintage test tube lamp

3. Never throw away
glass jars
! They can be used for many things, from organizing ingredients in the kitchen to flower pots. There are several ways to decorate them, and if you are not very handy with paint you can choose to line them with colored thread, as we saw in Decoratrix.

jars and poufs

4. Recycling with poufs. We, who manufacture poufs of all sizes and sizes, sometimes have curious ideas to turn them into other things. On the Internet we found, for example, a way to convert soft round poufs in a rigid and original with an old washing machine drum:

round poufs

5. Or this image of some furniture that is not recycled, which inspires us the possibility of
to take advantage of four legs of an old chair
and with tools and some DIY skills, turn the rigid, low round poufs into something taller to sit on.

round poufs with legs

6. If we abandon
the skateboard
we can immortalize it as a support table. We loved the idea, even though we know it might hurt a good skateboarder’s sensibilities (skate or die!). Via interiorholic.com.

recycling tables with skateboards

7. If you are going to take a simple, antique wooden piece of furniture and give it a coat of paint.
and give it a coat of paint
to rejuvenate it, follow the steps outlined at Designsponge.com. The result is spectacular!

Recycled blue chair

8. New face for the poufs. You may not need new poufs, just a new finish. By buying poufs stuffing and working with a wool cover (via Casasugar.com), elastic fabric or rubber, we can extend the life of our poufs and introduce fun. If we have several, how about each with a different material and color?

10 good ideas for recycling furniture

9. Do you have a good, lush forest nearby where you can look for
four large branches
? This may seem difficult and laborious, but the result is like a movie. We are still in awe. Via Curiousphotos.blogspot.com

Bed with branches

10. We have spent all this top ten trying to avoid
the famous example of the wooden pallet turned into a sofa or table structure.
sofa or table structure. But well, we can’t avoid it anymore. There goes one!

Recycling a pallet as a DIY table