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Sail awnings in Costa Calma

Thinking about putting up a sail awning to shade part of your home or business?

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We are manufacturers

In Fiaka we elaborate all types of custom made sail awnings in Costa Calma, adapting them to the requirements of our clients, whether they are individuals or professionals, since we are experts in the design and elaboration of sail awnings for all types of businesses or individuals in Costa Calma.

We use technical materials to manufacture them, materials specifically manufactured to meet a specific function: to respond to adverse external stimuli, such as changes in temperature, prolonged exposure to the sun or the accumulation of humidity. These materials allow to adapt to them in the best way.

At Fiaka we have flame retardant, waterproof and insulating fabrics in multiple color and customization options to suit various styles and tastes.

These coatings are created from stabilized yarns, constituting a flame retardant fabric that complies with a number of global standards.

Top quality fabrics for custom made sail awnings in Costa Calma.

As manufacturers of customized sail awnings in Costa Calma we use different types of materials such as braided polyester and polyethylene in different weights.


Polyethylene sail awnings

Sail awnings produced with polyethylene netting are highly robust and waterproof. This fabric is much lighter than polyester, so its wind resistance is significantly lower than those made of braided polyester.


Polyester sail awnings

Sail awnings made of polyester are highly resistant to weathering and UV rays. They are capable of protecting any space from both rain and sunlight without becoming disfigured or cracked.

The maintenance of sail awnings is very simple. You only need to apply a little warm water and soap to clean it.

Benefits of installing a sail awning

  • Lightning filtrationUV Filtration
  • Temperature decreaseTemperature decrease
  • PerspirationPerspiration
  • Economical and easy to installEconomical and easy to install

Are you looking for a sail awning in Costa Calma?

Sail awnings are the easiest alternative to shade any room in your home or business in Costa Calma.

They are very easy to assemble and you will avoid installing other types of awnings with much more cumbersome installations.

From our factory we are dedicated to develop all kinds of sail awnings to measure always using materials of the highest quality in the market, adapting them to all kinds of sizes and shapes. From small sizes, used to cover small patios or outdoor areas that cover much larger spaces, such as airports or parks.

The only thing you need to do is to contact us by using the
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contact form, by phone or through our chat. Our staff will be in charge of advising you, they will make an appointment with you to measure the available space and present you with a wide range of possibilities for the placement of your sail awning.