Bench Sofas

In this section, you´ll find bench sofas, perfect for catering industry premises such as restaurants, bars and cafes. They are also perfect for our home kitchendue to its comfort. Find them out in Fiaka!

A bench sofa or bench armchair is a type of seat which is very used in restaurants and cafes when we are looking for providing the client with a plus of comfort.

These types of seat appeared in the United States in the 50’s, and they were used in the typical fast food restaurants or hamburger restaurants.

The benches, as their name suggests, are similar seats to the typical wooden benches, but by being padded and upholstered, they seem really comfortable.

There are single bench armchairs up to two or three-seater ones, with a multitude of designs, shapes, colours, styles, etc.

In Fiaka, we manufacture these sofas made to measure and with the colours and upholsteries which have been requested. We manufacture sofas:simple, double, corner benches, and even with specific dimensions, as well as quality standards and superior finishes.

Both the seat and the back can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics, both in fabric andsynthetic leather with reinforced seams. We also have an extensive range of colours, as well as the possibility of adding prints, logos, etc. Our upholstered benches are distinguished by their functionality, style, comfort and practicality.