Three-seater sofas

More than a sofa, it´s our reading corner, place for chatting, cinema seat, area for getting away…

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In Fiaka, we know that it isn´t easyto choose your home sofa, but by choosing one of our pieces, you´ll always get it right. If you need quality, spaciousness, comfort and trend, the three-seater sofas are the best alternative.

we have them in different styles, classic, modern, for indoors and outdoors, upholstered in fabric or leather,with a wide range of colours, finishes and prices so that you always find the three-seater sofa that you are looking for. All of that, bearing in mindvery useful features such as sofas with storage,three-seater sofas with corner-piece, backs and reclining headboards, etc.

We also have modular pieces for providing the client with the option ofmaking a chaise longue which perfectly combines with your home. We adapt both to the style that you are looking for and the space that you have, since we manufacture custom-made sofas.