The decorative styles that will triumph in 2018.

Defining what will be trending in this 2018, will not be difficult if we have been attentive to the latest news in fashion and decoration. So with the new year we bring you the 5 decorative styles that will take this year by storm. Take paper and pencil, we tell you the main trends in design and for decoration for this 2018. Which one is your favorite?

  • Industrial

The industrial style is a real decorative trend and is characterized by its cold and austere appearance, and brings back materials such as wood and iron, creating with them modern and avant-garde environments in open spaces.

Wagon Sofa - via
Wagon Sofa – via
  • Retro or Vintage

This style inspired by the 30’s and 40’s has a romantic air. The floral prints and the capitonné in the upholstered furniture represent the star details of this style. If vintage style is your thing and you have an outdoor space at home, we suggest furniture like this to decorate it.

The decorative styles that will triumph in 2018.

  • Boho

The key to the boho style is the mixture of elements, colors and textures of bohemian style and a hippie air. When it comes to decorating your house or terrace, in boho-chic style you can let your imagination run wild and give an eclectic touch by mixing almost anything. Be true to its origin and you’ll be right. BKF chair available at

reading corner with bkf and pouff
Via Rugpal
  • Minimalist

Its name already gives us clues about the essence of this decorative style. Inspired by the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea, this style is synonymous with freshness and warmth. The color par excellence will be white, since it enhances the luminous effect of the environment. And for complements and decorative accessories we will use brighter colors.

Garden set. Chill Out Armchair – Divan Sigmund and table from
  • Nordic or Scandinavian

Nordic design has a clear final objective and that is the functionality of the objects . Scandinavian decoration is one of the most popular in the world due to its simplicity and elegance. They are spaces where the color whitestands out to take advantage of natural light, although the touches of color in small textiles or accessories are essential to give life to the place.

The decorative styles that will triumph in 2018.

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