Single Sofa

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The armchair at home is, without doubt, our best ally when we are looking for getting away, resting, reading, etc. It´s also one of the decoration elements which best catches the eye, so, we must choose the piece meticulously.

The armchairs have a lot of importance both at the moment of decorating that home space and offering us comfort and durability.

Thesingle sofas are an excellent alternative for small spaces. these seats are perfect for placing in corners, including in bedrooms, halls or for completing a large space. If you haven´t much space so that your guests sit down, you can use some single armchairs instead of a bigger one.

In Fiaka, you´ll find a wide sofas range of different decorative styles, shapes, sizes, pricesupholsteries in leather or fabric, in different colours and specific touches. You´ll always find the armchair that you were looking for!