The contract furniture is one that is intended for corporate clients, both in the public and private sectors.

This is a type of furniture with specific characteristics in terms of aesthetics and durability because they convey corporate identity through design and are exposed to continued use.

Contract furniture is what we find in the hospitality industry, in commercial premises, in offices, even in the parks of our cities.

As time passes, the Contract furniture has been changing towards designer furniture that has nothing to envy to the one we use to decorate our homes. Currently, the restaurants , hotels and offices have a decoration of the most careful, getting a cozy and personalized space.

At Fiaka, we carry out interior design and decoration projects that mark, define and transmit the personality of that environment, providing tailor-made and personalized solutions.

We have a great team of professionals such as architects , builders , decorators and interior designers to always search the best solutions and make your project come true with an exclusive and differentiating touch.

100% customized solutions

The personalization of spaces is the main objective of a contract project. Recreate spaces with character, unique and full of charm that transmit emotions, while making live unforgettable experiences.

Due to our status as manufacturers (with a large technical team and designers) we can create customized solutions tailored to the needs of the client.

Quality and durability

We guarantee that our pieces of furniture have a long duration, a high quality for continuous and intensive use and meticulously meticulous aesthetics.

We work with the best raw materials that previously pass a series of controls to evaluate their technical qualities. In addition, we pay great attention to every detail of the piece so that its finish is exceptional.

Furniture makes a difference and lasts over time, it's what we do.

Fusion of functionality and comfort

The functionality and comfort of the furniture that make up the contract projects, together with the cleaning and maintenance, is essential and we always keep in mind. It is essential to provide design solutions that facilitate the daily use of each of the furniture that is part of the decoration without affecting the design.

Balance is key

All the decorative components have to converge harmoniously, according to the philosophy and corporate image of each project. You always have to find the harmony between furniture, decorative elements and interior design, always seeking to integrate all aspects according to the personality of the project.

If, in addition to all these aspects, we take into account factors such as enthusiasm, passion and creativity, we obtain as a result an art work, that of personalizing environments that transmit who you are and that excite your customers.