Pride Pouf

Pride Pouf
  • Pride Pouf
  • Pride Pouf
Designed and manufactured in Granada, Spain by Fiaka

Pride pouf made with Contract Plus fabric, a special fabric which is physically similar to the synthetic leather, but it's fireproof, antibacterial and suitable for outdoors. 

Being handicraft products the product measures may vary slightly.


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A. Alto 115 cm

B. Fondo 65 cm

C. Ancho 65 cm

Peso: 3 kg

We introduce you a funny Gay Pride Pouf, with which you'll fill your space with colour. It includes the colours of the flag known as LGBT or 'Rainbow' flag, also called freedom flag which symbolises the community's diversity. This flag has been used as the gay and lesbian pride symbol since the end of the 70's. 


  • Upholstered with Contract Plus fabric (very resistant and suitable for outdoors).
  • It's a special fabric which avoids the discoloration because of long exposures to the sun.
  • It's fireproof, antibacterial and antifungal.
  • It includes a double seam as reinforcement.
  • It comes with a zip closure which makes possible to adjust the stuffing (With double safety closure)
  • Expanded polystyrene pearls (approx 5mm.) stuffing (included) with immediate volume recovery memory.