Pallet furniture and new website!

We have started June with a lot of news:
we are launching our new website at Fiaka Ambient
We have a new blog design and new furniture in which recycling is very present. We have designed elegant pieces for chill out & lounge terraces -styles in which, as you know, we are specialized- thinking about the decoration of premises, hotels and homes that are looking for personality and character for their exteriors, as well as environments focused on relaxation.

Pallet furniture Fiaka Ambient
Pallet furniture Fiaka Ambient

Little by little we will show you our new models of both styles. To begin with, we will talk about
pallet furniture
that we have included in our catalog for the decoration of terraces, and why not, of interiors with a different and charming touch. Our search for unique spaces – as you know, we are passionate about designing customized furniture for interiors – has led us to delve into recycling one of the most versatile materials: pallets.

fiaka ambient pallet furniture
Pallet furniture by Fiaka Ambient.

For this reason, our custom made foam mattresses and pallet sofa seats are pallet sofa seats, we have now addedWe have now added pieces made of this material with potential:

Pallet sofas

New sofas with pallet structure. Its seat has an upholstered foam rubber backing for outdoor use, making it resistant to humidity and sun exposure. This piece – in customizable colors and fabrics – is ideal for decorating terraces in different styles: chill out & lounge, rustic, Mediterranean, etc. To complement these beautiful sofas we have cushions and accessories in different shapes and colors.

pallet furniture
Pallet sofas Fiaka Ambient

Pallet tables

To combine the sofas we have designed, in addition,
beautiful pallet tables
in wenge and white. They can be used for interior and exterior decoration, as in both cases they add character. It should be noted that recycling has become an important trend in interior design with strong weight in vintage, industrial or rustic aesthetics, among others. Not for nothing does it make possible the creation of unique pieces thanks to the reuse of furniture, objects and even ‘waste’ that would otherwise end up in the nearest dumpster.

fiaka ambient pallet table
Fiaka Ambient pallet table.

The magic of recycling goes far beyond recycling in defense of the sustainability of the planet. It is what we could call a new art in which creativity and imagination become common denominators so that what seemed useless becomes that butterfly that comes out of its chrysalis.

Pallet sun loungers

Especially for terraces with swimming pools we have designed
pallet sun loungers
inspired by our Duna model. The curved lines of this piece, which, as its name suggests, evokes sand dunes, make its shape 100% adapted to the body, making it very ergonomic, comfortable and relaxing. Its unmistakable and exclusive design makes it a lounger of singular beauty and great elegance, perfect for adding a chic touch to chill out terraces, swimming pools and gardens.

pallet lounger by fiaka ambient
Pallet lounger by Fiaka Ambient
fiaka ambient pallet sun loungers
Pallet sun loungers by Fiaka Ambient