Garden Furniture

In spring or summer, times of the year that invite you to spend time outdoors, it is essential to have a comfortable and cozy outdoor area.

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In good weather it is clear that we want to enjoy more of the outdoor spaces. And if we have a garden we can create an ideal space to rest, relax or chat outdoors .

To decorate the garden, creating an ideal space for rest it is important to choose the tables, chairs, sunbeds and even beds that will provide us the comfort to enjoy the outdoor space.

What outdoor furniture to choose?

Practical and Functional

Without a doubt, it must be remembered that when choosing any piece of furniture outside, it must be practical and functional , that is, it must serve what has been designed, as well as easy to use. clean up.

Resistant to weather conditions

As its name implies, garden furniture is used outdoors, such as gardens, balconies or terraces.

Therefore, because they are furniture that are going to be intended for outdoor use, they must be resistant to different weather conditions and must also be easy to clean.

The direct sun, the rain, the UVA rays, all these elements will influence our garden furniture , and therefore, they must be made of materials that support them in the best possible way.

Fiaka Garden Furniture

  • Balinese Bed 200: The main piece for your garden. Its floating structure reminds us of the style of the Far East and its vaporous linen curtains will provide us with the intimacy we seek in moments of relaxation and tranquility.
  • Executive Board: This is an ideal table for gardens with casual environments. Perfect for outdoor use due to its high resistance to weather conditions. Made of beech wood treated with a special varnish for water.
  • Sunbed Director: A sunbed designed for those who love comfort and tranquility. It folds easily, so it is very practical to store. Especially suitable for terraces, hotels, gardens and hotels in general.
  • Square Balinese Table: With it you can create very cozy compositions for your Chill Out style terrace or garden.
  • Dune Deckchair: The best way to relax thanks to its great, unmistakable and exclusive design. An elegant and comfortable sun lounger with curved lines that adapt completely to the body. The best option for those who want a different garden.
  • Round Balinese Bed: A very comfortable circular bed that allows you to enjoy the sun in any position or orientation. Upholstered in exterior poly leather very resistant to inclement weather and easy to clean.

Fiaka's garden furniture gives us the possibility to decorate any garden with a wide variety of colors and designs , clean and elegant line designs that are essential and adaptable to every situation and style.