How to keep and clean a Pouf?

All our soft pieces are easy to clean and keep in perfect conditions.

Stuffing Maintenance

In the Soft pieces, such as pear poufs, round poufs, the Marina Pouf, etc. With the use, the expanded polystyrene pearls stuffing is going to lose its recovery ability. As the time goes by, you´ll be able to check that your pouf can have less volume. You´ll just have to buy new stuffing and add it to your pouf when it needs it. It´s a necessary maintenance for keeping your pouf comfort.

In this case, you can watch our video tutorial in order to know how to work out how much stuffing it needs or how to fill your pouf.

Furniture and upholstered poufs cleaning

DAILY MAINTENANCE: For a daily maintenance, you just have to use a damp cloth. Dry it properly with a dry cloth. You can also leave it to dry outdoors until the dampness is removed.

DEEP CLEANING:for a deep cleaning , you just have to use a non-abrasive scourer with water and neutral pH soap, and strongly scrub it. Rinse it with water until removing all the soap and dry it with a cloth. You can also leave it to dry outdoors until the dampness is removed.

For further information, you can see our video tutorial 'How to clean a pouf'.

Keeping outdoor furniture during winter

We recommend, in order to prolong the outdoor furniture life and usability, to keep and protect the pieces during winter and not to expose them to the rain, strong wind nor other inclement conditions. The bright colours have no resistance to the sun light. Clean the pieces with a damp cloth and leave them to dry outdoors for its maintenance. For a deep cleaning, use a non-abrasive scourer with water and neutral pH soap, and scrub it strongly. Rinse it with water until removing all the soap and dry it with a cloth or leave it outdoors. Don´t clean it with a hose nor expose to watering. Clean and dry the pieces properly before keeping them.

For further information, you can watch our video tutorial about advices to keep the outdoor furniture during winter.

How much does the shipping cost?

In Fiaka, we trust rapid transportation with the best value for money. The shipping costs vary depending on the geographic area and product:

SPANISH PENINSULA AND PORTUGAL: We only charge an unique price of €9.80 for shippings to the Spanish Peninsula, MRW courier company, VAT included. For large size shippings which have to be palletised, the shipping cost is €35/pallet and, as for big size items such as Balinese beds, €42/pallet (Specified in the product information). Anyway, you can consult us through the phone number +34 95 852 14 33.

BALEARIC ISLANDS:the shipping costs €85, VAT included, per box, not per unit, since there are a lot of items which can be shipped in the same box.

CANARY ISLANDS, CEUTA AND MELILLA: the shipping costs €64 , plus €15 for export customs expenses,(a total of €79),exempt from VAT. Just like the Balearic Islands, this cost is per box and not per item. The client will have to pay the import customs expenses once he/she has received the product. This kind of shipping doesn´t include the costs of areas which don´t belong to the European Customs Union, import duties; for this reason, the client will have to pay the specified amount once he/she has received the order.

In the case of making an order of large pieces such as the chill out sofa, Balinese bed, etc, it´s likely that we will contact you in order to offer the best available tariff both regarding quantity of purchased pieces and shipping to be paid, since they are models which exceed the courier strict measurements, they could have a price supplement. This supplement would be concluded with the client before the shipping, by means of a personalised estimate.

How can I make the payment?

We have the following payment methods: Visa, Visa electrón, Mastercard, Paypal, Bank transfer, Cash on delivery.

How does the cash on delivery work? This payment is made when the courier gives you the order in the place chosen for the delivery (never in post office box). The cash on delivery payment method is the only one in which a supplement of 6% is paid due to the collection management expenses, this means, the total price of your purchase, plus shipping costs plus the 6% related to the cash on delivery. You´ll know the purchase price before receiving the order. (This payment method isn´t accepted for shippings to Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla or in case of special orders or under request)

Is it safe to use my credit card in the website? Yes. In the case of buying with Visa card and/or Mastercard, SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) transactions will be only accepted. You just have to give your card number, its expiration date and the security code which appears on the back. In no case you´ll have to register your personal number or PIN. Fiaka doesn´t store any clients´data related to the bank.

How Can I make the payment by bank transfer? Once the order is processed and this payment method is selected, all the account number data will appear on the screen as well as the addressee. Once the payment is made, you´ll have to send us a copy of it through our e-mail or fax +34 958 26 08 43, in order to send the order as soon as possible.

What is the payment process with Pay Pal? It has the same process as the card payment. Once you have confirmed the order, the website will redirect you to the Pay Pal website, where you´ll have to log in, if you are already a client, and make the payment. Once the payment has been confirmed on the Pay Pal website, we´ll receive a notice in our e-mail in order to process it.

Delivery and transportation time?

In the most of our orders, the delivery time is from 1 to 3 working days since the payment confirmation in the Spanish Peninsula, from 5 to 7 working days for Balearic Islands and from 10 to 15 working days for the Canary Islands. This time may vary for some items which are ordered under request, in large quantities or palletised shippings. You can find the delivery time in the products descriptions. If you need to receive your order on a concrete date, consult us by phone or e-mail.

Does the courier call me before bringing the order? When we send your order, we´ll send you the shipping data so that you can directly contact the courier. Anyway,we always provide the courier with a contact telephone number so that they can contact the recipient if it is necessary.

For shippings to Peninsula, we have two courier options, Zeleris and MRW. Although the delivery time, in both cases, is from 24 to 48 working hours, we recommend MRW for more complicated delivery times.

What happens if I´m not at home when they bring the order?Don´t worry, they´ll leave you a notice so that you can contact them and will send it again without any added cost.

How do the items arrive at home?The poufs and small size pieces are packed up in a cardboard box with an interior plastic which protects the piece. The items arrive totally ready to use, already assembled (If any piece requieres assembly, it will be specified in the products descriptions). It´s a home delivery, this means, it arrives directly to your home.

In case of palletised deliveries, in no case, they´ll be unload inside the home or premises. The courier company will be responsible for choosing the unloading place in the shipping address.

What happens if the item is damaged because of the transportation?When you pay the shipping costs, you´re paying a transportation insurance. If the package arrives in bad conditions or you notice any bad practice by the courier, write it down on the delivery note which you sign for the courier. In the case of finding a damaged item, contact us in order to make a complaint and change the item.

Can I return a product?

Yes. You can withdraw from the present contract within 14 working days without any justification. The withdrawal period will expire after 14 working days since the day when you or somebody authorised by you, different from the courier, acquired the last of those goods (except in the case of special, custom-made or personalised products). If you have any doubt, you can contact us through the phone number +34 958521433 or by the e-mail

Can I return a personalised and custom-made item? in accordance with the Article 45 of the Spanish LOCM (Retail Trade Ordinance Law), the customer´s right of withdrawal and return won´t be applicable in this case. If you bought an item according to its specifications or clearly personalised (special colour of fabric choice such as sailcoth, leather..., embroidered or customised, custom-made or following the client´s design), once it has been manufactured, although it hasn´t been delivered, the client won´t be able to withdraw from the purchase contract.

We remind you that if you make use of your withdrawal right, The amount paid for the acquired products will be refunded. In addition, in the case you choose the option of home collection, the client will be in charge of the collection costs (they represent the home delivery cost depending on the type of item and destination)./p>

When is it possible to return the product? You can´t return the custom-made or personalised (by the client) products.

What do Fiaka´s products warranty consist of?Fiaka offers 2-year warranty. During this period, if the material shows any material or manufacturing fault (it doesn´t include the client´s necessary maintenance and bad practices), Fiaka will be able to proceed, as applicable, to the material repair or replacement.

What happens if I just want to change the product? You can also replace the product, by other model, size or colour. You just have to pay the shipping costs arosen from the change (and the product in the case of a higher price). You can request the change by our e-mail or calling us through the phone number +34 958 521 433

Remember that:

  • The Soft items measurements (Polystyrene Stuffing) don´t match the ones specifies on the website. The Soft items measurements are approximate.
  • The expanded polystyrene stuffing with recovery memory loses elasticity with the use and we need to fill the soft pieces for a maximum comfort.
  • The item colours may change if we look at the ones previewed on the website. Colours may appear different on every computer/screen.
  • The outdoor fabric pieces need to be protected from the inclement weather, large amounts of water and during the winter.
  • Special, personalised or made under request, damaged or dirty products can´t be returned.
  • Our purchases are 100% safe. The Confianza Online (Spanish self-regulatory system) and Trusted Shops trust marks guarantee our purchase service.

Do you need further information? Read our General Terms and Conditions

How much stuffing do I need for my pouf?

For any other pouf model, consult us.