Convertible Bed Pouf

Convertible Bed Pouf - Red Leatherette 90 cm.
  • Convertible Bed Pouf - Red Leatherette 90 cm.
  • Puff Cama Convertible
  • Puff Cama Convertible
  • Convertible Bed Pouf - Red Leatherette 90 cm.
Designed and manufactured in Granada, Spain by Fiaka

Available in different measurements: 

  • 90cm of width (1 person)
  • 105cm of width (1 person)
  • 135cm of width (2 people)

Have you received a guest at home and you need an auxiliar bed? This original convertible bed pouf is very comfortable and practical in small atmospheres. It also can work as seat or sofa when it's closed. Available in different measurements. 

Being handicraft products the product measures may vary slightly.

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Bed width

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A. Alto 75 cm

B. Fondo 63 cm

C. Ancho 90 cm

Alto respaldo: 30 cm

Largo cama: 190 cm

Grosor: 15 cm

Bed Pouf Measurements

* Customizable measurements. Available in 90cm, 105cm and 135cm.

This original pouf, which can be quickly converted into bed, give us a great comfort in horizontalposition , very comfortable and practical in small places. It can also be used as chair or sofa when it's closed. It's available in several sizes.

The auxiliar bed pouf is the perfect solution to the lack of space at home. It's a very practical piece of furniture which can work as other seat of your home, but it has the ability to be converted into an auxiliar bed whenever you need. Its installation is quick and easy, its design allows us to place it in every place of home without damaging the aesthetic.

Convertible Bed Pouf Features

Resistant and very comfortable

  • It's manufactured with 3 high density and resistance foam rubber plates.
  • Made with synthetic leather for its better cleaning due to its contact with the floor.

Our Convertible Bed Pouf is made up by 3 high density foam rubber plates which are assembled by joining strips. They aren't "simple foam rubber mattresses". It's a high resistance special foam rubber. It's very ergonomic and flexible, and it perfectly adjusts to the body contouring, similar to the viscoelastic mattresses. They have the optimal density to guarantee the maximum comfort. it is specially suitable for convertible beds of intensive use. They keep their shape and ergonomic properties after their use.

Made with synthetic leather for a better cleaning due to its contact with the floor

Being a piece of furniture which is in direct contact with the floor, the upholstery must be very resistant and, mainly, easy to clean. That's the reason why our auxiliar bed poufs are upholstered with a nautical synthetic leather fabric.

As for aesthetic, it is very similar to the leather, but it's a plastic fabric which is suitable for inside use, but also for outside one. It's a very resistant fabric, waterproof and resistant to sunlight, high and low temperatures and the rain as well. It also includes a special antibacterial and antifungal treatment which avoids the bacteria and fungi proliferation. Besides, it's easy to clean, you just need a damp cloth and it will be as clean as the first day.

It's a fabric which withstands friction, something that is really important when the pouf is in continuous contact with the floor.

Another advantage is that it has double seam and is hand sewed in order to give it a better reinforcement.

Many sizes to choose

You can buy the auxiliar bed pouf in 3 different sizes.

  • 90cm bed: small single bed pouf
  • 105cm bed: large single bed pouf
  • 135cm bed: auxiliar double bed pouf

Colours to choose

v You have 15 colours to choose for your bed pouf. Furthermore, we have the option of customizing our products. You can choose both the fabric, upholstery and colours. Corporative logos and advertising can be added if you want.

Fiaka's warranty

In case the item has any kind of manufacturing defect, we proceed with the repair, replacement, refund or price reduction. These operations are totally free for the customer. The product has 2-year warranty since the delivery date.

* For hygienic reasons, we won't accept the return of rest products such as mattresses and bed pouf, except those which have manufacturing defects and the costumer had desisted from them since the purchase day and within 14 clear days.

Advantages of buying a convertible bed pouf

Saving space

Not every house has a guest room. For this reason, furniture and convertible bed poufs make it possible, although you have little space at home. they take up a very small space, and they are also very useful because they can be used as a seat instead of bed.

It's a practical seat

The auxiliar bed pouf is a pouf with seat shape, however, it becomes a bed after unfolding it. You can use it daily as an auxiliar seat and transform it into a bed in case you want to "get more comfortable" or in the case you receive a guest.

Very handy. Quick and easy assembly

The bed is light and handy unlike the traditional folding beds. These ones were noisy and uncomfortable junks, difficult to open, move and turn into bed. Besides, when it wasn't being used, it had to be kept in wardrobes or cellars. The convertible bed pouf,unlike the folding bed, can be used as a seat the rest of the year.It's light ,so it allows us to move the furniture easier to any part of home. Furthermore, it's easy to assemble and really comfortable.

It's perfect for any room of the house without losing the aesthetic

This convertible bed pouf has a versatile design, which matches well with any kind of decoration without sacrifying the space appearance.

In short, don't worry about receiving guests at home even you have a small house or a little space:

The convertible bed poufs will make your life easier!




Easy to clean high-end leatherette, very resistant. Designed for indoor use. its quality complies with the most stringent European standards in relation to its components and environmental protection.

For interior use

For interior use

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

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Nautical leatherette


Nautical leatherette

Nautical upholstery maintains the visual characteristics of the leatherette, but with three great advantages, it is a non-flammable, antibacterial and antifungal fabric. It is the perfect upholstery for public facilities, sanitary and different types of equipment.

For outdoor use

For outdoor use

U.V.A filter

U.V.A filter

Retardant of fire

Retardant of fire



Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Wear resistant

Wear resistant

Anti fungal. Anti bacterial

Anti fungal. Anti bacterial

Nautical leatheretteNautical leatherette fabric guide

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