Chill out in full sail

Sail, my sailor, without fear, that neither enemy ship nor storm, nor goodness your course reaches to twist, nor to hold your courage”. We remember these verses of the ‘Pirate’s Song’ by Espronceda to present you one of our new designs for chill out & lounge decoration: the Vela Puff.

Its triangular shape, inspired by sailboats, adds an avant-garde touch to the decoration of premises, but also of the home. Thus, thanks to its modern and elegant lines, this new concept of puff is ideal for the interior design of living rooms, bedrooms, studios or bedrooms.

Chill out decoration

The Vela Puff is also designed to give a chill out touch to the decoration of terraces, since it can be chosen in any of the materials adapted for outdoors that we offer in our catalog.

Its expanded polystyrene filling, with immediate volume recovery memory, allows it to mold to the body, offering a pleasant and comfortable rest. Because of its comfort, this pouf is destined to become the centerpiece of areas created for relaxing indoors or outdoors.

This model joins the new chill out style furniture we have been working on since this summer. Undoubtedly, its innovative design will contribute to make this style ‘sail’ in the decoration of your home or place at full sail, like the brigantine sailboat of Esproceda.