Balinese Bed Formentera Reclining Backrest

Formentera Balinese Reclining Bed with iroko wood canopy and floating base for outdoor use.

Dimensions: 200x200x200 cm. Optional: curtains and cushions.

When we hear the words “Balinese bed” we inevitably cannot help but imagine ourselves lying peacefully on one of them, with a good book in our hands, sunbathing, listening to music, having a good chat or simply resting.

The reclining Balinese bed formentera is the queen of chill out and outdoor living. It is a piece of furniture that should not be missing in our terrace, pool or garden, as it is ideal to create an exotic “chill out” atmosphere and enjoy with family or friends.

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Fabrics and colors available:
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Dimensions and data sheet

Additional information

Weight19,85 kg
Dimensions200 × 200 × 210 cm

Nautical (Poly Leather)


Beige, Black, Celeste, Red, White

Cortinas + Techo

No, Yes


Beige Cushions, Black Cushions, Blue Cushions, Chocolate Cushions, Golden Cushions, Light Blue Cushions, Lime Green Cushions, No Cushions, Orange Cushions, Purple Cushions, Red Cushions, Silver Cushions, White Cushions, Yellow Cushions

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Product data sheet



Wooden structure:

  • Tropical wood structure.
  • Reclining backrest.
  • Natural finish.
  • Resistant to humidity and climatic changes.
  • Requires assembly (includes instructions and necessary hardware).


  • Foam rubber mattress (25 kg.) upholstered in fabric suitable for outdoor use, very resistant, easy to clean and with fire retardant and anti-mite treatment.
  • Color to choose.

Pack 2 Cushions:

  • Upholstered outdoor cushions very resistant, easy to clean and with fireproof and anti-mite treatment.
  • Padded with wadding.
  • Cushion dimensions: 80 x 50 x 12 cm.
  • Color to choose.

Curtains and ceiling (Optional):

  • Set of eight custom-made side and ceiling curtains.
  • Velcro fastener that allows the curtains to be easily attached and removed.
  • White color.
  • Composition 80% Polyester-20% Linen.
  • Machine washable.

Balinese bed dimensions

  • Width: 195 cm.
  • Depth: 195 cm.
  • Height: 195 cm.

Care and Maintenance

This piece of furniture has been made using highly resistant materials, which ensure its long life even if the piece is subjected to continuous or intensive use.

To prolong its perfect condition, it is essential that the piece of furniture is used responsibly to keep it always in the best conditions.

It should be cleaned often with a soft sponge or cloth slightly dampened in water with neutral soap. Do not spray products containing alcohol, bleach or ammonia.

During the time of the year when it is not going to be used, it is important to place it under the roof, protect it from direct sunlight and store it in a dry and ventilated place. We recommend that you cover it with a custom-made cover.

100% Customizable

The Balinese Canopy Bed with reclining backrest offers several options to customize it and make it unique. We give you the alternative to choose the type of upholstery fabric, the specific color, print or even add your brand logo.

In addition to manufacturing customized furniture, we have a team of professionals such as architects, builders, decorators, interior designers to carry out Contract projects.

You can easily download our catalog where you can see some of the most innovative pieces of furniture.

Call 958 521 433, chat with us online or send an email to for personalized advice. We look forward to serving you!

More information about Balinese beds

Buying Guide Balinese Bed

Visualize yourself for a moment lying outdoors, enjoying the breeze, the peace and restlessness that natural spaces such as the countryside or the beach bring you.

There is nothing better than that moment of rest and relaxation, so necessary to recharge batteries and release stress. That’s why in Fiaka we want you to take a look at our Balinese beds, products specially manufactured to promote rest. This type of furniture gives you the comfort and convenience of a bed but at the same time gives you the feeling of calm, freedom and disconnection that natural spaces such as gardens provide. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What is a Balinese bed?

Balinese bed on terrace

Balinese bed in swimming pool

Balinese beds in garden

Garden beds


The Balinese Bed is an outdoor bed used as a lounger dedicated to rest on which you can breathe a pleasant and unique feeling of relaxation.

There are many types of Balinese beds, but most of them have a wooden or metal structure. They have a comfortable mattress that must be lined with a special resistant material for outdoor use. If the Balinese bed has a wooden structure, it must withstand certain climatic conditions, such as increased exposure to sunlight or the humidity of the beach or pool. Typically, these beds include curtains to close them in case of windy weather.

This type of terrace or garden furniture is very functional, it adapts to very different spaces, from the beach to the lawn surrounding a swimming pool, even to attics or domestic terraces of a certain size, providing an atmosphere of unparalleled sophistication.

This type of furniture is ideal for Chill Out environments, swimming pools, hotels, outdoor relaxation areas. They are perfect for resting and relaxing outdoors in a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere.

Another highlight of this piece of outdoor furniture is its different possibilities in terms of size and functionality. They are available for individuals, couples, groups or reclining seats, with different interior configurations.

In Fiaka you can complete your Balinese bed with canopy, vaporous curtains that provide the intimacy you are looking for in moments of relaxation and cushions to achieve a sophisticated atmosphere for your terrace or garden.

Our Balinese beds will give an exotic and relaxing touch to your garden or terrace. You can choose from our wide range of accessories to adapt them to your needs, tastes and your project. The outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of can now be yours every day.

Balinese Bed Models

When deciding on one type or another, certain aspects must be taken into account.

The first is the space where you are going to install them. If it is a space with a not too inclement climate where there is not much humidity or rain and temperatures are not too extreme, you can opt for a basic Balinese bed without a roof and without curtains (although it is always recommended to put them). However, if you are going to install them in a space with a more aggressive climate with more precipitation and high temperatures, it is better to buy Balinese beds with structure and curtains.

The choice of wood or metal structure is a matter of personal taste. However, we must always make sure that the structure you choose, whether wood or metal, has a good treatment that makes it suitable for outdoor environments. The Balinese beds that we have on our website are made of wood, because they bring that warm touch to the environment that do not give the metal materials.

There are many types of Balinese beds, but we could differentiate them according to:

Depending on size and functionality

Size is another important factor when deciding which model to choose. They are available in individual, two-person, group, etc. formats. There are also beds with reclining seats and others with fixed seats.

Standard Balinese beds are specially made for one or two persons and in most cases function as a bed or seat for resting or chatting.

The XL beds are more common in the world of hospitality, terraces and summer pubs and hotels because they can accommodate several people as a family or group of friends.

Depending on the design

Classic Balinese Bed

Classic Balinese Bed

The classic model includes a canopy with a wooden structure. The bed, upholstered in eco-leather, is suitable for outdoor use and very resistant, so it can be used both in the decoration of wet areas, such as swimming pools or coastal areas, as well as in places where the sun shines. Combined with curtains, linen ceiling and pyramidal, square or roller cushions, it offers customers an intimate space in which to relax.

Modular Balinese Bed

Modular Balinese Bed

In this case, the bed also has a wooden canopy, but the bed is made up of independent modules that can also be used as seats or loungers depending on the needs of the room. With light net curtains, it also gives a romantic air to the atmosphere.

Balinese bed without canopy

Balinese bed without canopy

Available in one body (90 centimeters wide) or two bodies (150 centimeters wide), it is ideal for terraces, as well as for swimming pools and beaches, where they are fashionable and are often used as sun loungers for customers to sunbathe. Its structure combines wood and moldable materials, as well as upholstered in leatherette special for outdoors and very easy to clean. Like the rest of the models, it can be chosen in different colors and combined in different ways depending on the decoration.

Round Balinese bed

Balinese Round Bed

This model has a round shape, making it ideal for enjoying the bed in different positions or sunbathing. Their elegant simplicity and uniqueness allows them to give personality to terraces or gardens, where they can be combined with cushions and side tables of different styles.

Manufacture and materials of our Balinese bed

Manufacturing details


We have chosen pine/spruce for our Balinese beds. There are different types of materials suitable for these light constructions, always depending on the budget available for the execution. Tropical woods are excessively expensive and very hard, which is a disadvantage for their mechanization. However, in Fiaka we also work with it, although always under express order.

Regardless of the type of wood we choose, the most important thing will be the treatment we give it, using water-based products, which in addition to being excellent protectors, gives the material a very long life, respecting the environment.

Fiaka treats beds with Xyladecor® Protector Max Satin to provide wood with up to 10 years of optimal protection against weathering and sunlight. An effective protector and a decorative finish in one product. Its concentrated H.E.S® formula with sunscreen allows to deposit 2 times more solids per coat than conventional protectors, for a total protection of wood exposed to atmospheric elements.


Mattress and cushions – Foam rubber

Mattress and cushions

The mattress is made of foam rubber (25 kg.) The foam used is of unequalled quality and keeps its original shape for a long time, without generating unpleasant deformations.

The mattress is also hygienic, favoring the breathing of the fabric, insulating from heat and cold. It is a mattress that molds to the contours of the body, hasgreat elasticity and unsurpassed comfort. It is also suitable for people who are overweight, have back or circulation problems. You’ll love lying on this comfortable, soft and relaxing bed made of foam.

Upholstery – Nautical Fabric Contract Plus

As for the upholstery of the mattress, the use of products suitable for outdoor use such as our technical upholstery Nautical Contract Plus:

professional leatherette texture

Contract plus fabric

Ideal fabric for outdoor use, sunlight resistant (UVA), flame retardant, water resistant, easy to clean, ideal for intensive use, antifungal and antibacterial.

It also provides an ideal texture to be in contact with the skin and give the bed an impeccable aesthetic for a long time.

Combined with curtains, linen ceiling and pyramidal, square or roller cushions, it offers customers an intimate space in which to relax.

Balinese bed assembly

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