Pouf stuffing

Pouf stuffing - 80 litros
  • Pouf stuffing - 80 litros
  • Pouf stuffing - 80 litros
  • Pouf stuffing - 80 litros
Designed and manufactured in Granada, Spain by Fiaka
  • The highest quality stuffing. The best stuffing for poufs. Polystyrene with recovery memory. Hypoallergenic.
  • EPS FIREPROOF PEARLS of high quality and resistance expanded polystyrene.
  • it doesn't become compacted like the grinded cork.

The ideal stuffing for every kind of pouf puff, our pearls are exclusively manufactured forFiaka, taking into account the perfect diameter so that the poufs are comfortable and light.

Being handicraft products the product measures may vary slightly.

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Theperfect stuffing for every kind of pouf, our pearls are exclusively made for Fiaka, taking into account the perfect diameter so that the poufs are comfortable and light.

By using them, poufs will lose qualities which make their workability and comfort diminish. The main reason is that the small cork balls (the material with which poufs are stuffed) get deteriorated and we must replace them. Don't worry! It's easy and cheap.

These pearls or balls are made of expanded polystyrene, Which is a very widespread material nowadays,and it's also known as cork, white cork, styrofoam or porex foam.

As for Fiaka poufs, we use special stuffings, because of their diameter and technical qualities, it's made up by expanded polystyrene with quick recovery memory.That's the reason why our poufs are so comfortable! 

This means that, after the compression, they suffer when we sit or lie on them, due to our weight. they have the ability to recover their original rounded shape. It's a professional stuffing, and we sell it by liters (low price) in our web.

Furthermore, these pearls are resistant to humidity, so they can be used for poufs which are placed outdoors.

When do I have to replace my pouf stuffing?

There's no time which show us when to replace it, it depends on the use we have made.

Normally, when we pinch the pouf with the whole hand and we notice that it is looser than it usually was or we see there are "love handles" or wrinkles when it isn't being used.

In most of cases, we just have to add new stuffing without removing the previous one. However, if you want it to be as new, you should replace it completely.

Estimate the pearl stuffing quantity that you need for your pouf, by visiting the video. You can also see the best way of stuffing your pouf. 

Relleno para puff según modelo


Expanded polystyrene balls (approx. 5mm.) with immediate volume recovery memory.

How to stuff a pouf?

Pay attention to our advices for stuffing our pouf. You'll see how easy it is and we'll have no problems for doing it!